Nokia Announces August Developers Training in Lagos

Nokia has just announced that its upcoming training course for Qt and Java development here in Lagos. The training will take place from 29 to 31 August 2011. As the last training, the objective is to get developers up to speed with creating, developing and publishing Qt and Java applications for Nokia devices.

The three day training workshop will provide an overview of Java ME, review the exciting opportunities offered by Nokia Store, and cover Mobile Java programming essentials as well as mobile application development with Qt Quick.  The company will also be using the event to announce its plan to support local developers for the Nokia’s “Create 4 Millions” competition. Submission for this competition closes on 20 September 2011. Click here to know more about the competition.

Update: You can now register for the training by visiting the Nokia Training Page. The training is free but reservation is based on first-come first-served basis.

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being an avid Nokia fan, i need to ask this,i find this training surprising because we all now that Nokia plans to move to the .NET platform and i doubt if Qt could be ported to C#, besides Elop said Symbian will be killed 2012,so am a bit surprised about this,because i follow Qt very well Qt Quick and Qt Mobility are symbian related shouldn’t nokia be pushing Mango Developments rather.just my question

Hi Okeowo, Nokia is still pushing QT and Java technology for its platforms. You can check for more information. Mango is only for the smart phones. Nokia still has the S40 and S30 devices which accounts for the greater percentage of its portfolio.

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