E & M Commerce: The Past, Present and Future

E & M Commerce: The Past, The Present and the FutureE & M Commerce is fast becoming an alternative to traditional brick and mortar stores which have now become costlier to build due to rising costs of real estate, costlier to maintain, and face problems such as inventory control and trust issues with staff.

With E & M Commerce, the barriers to owning a storefront business are greatly reduced. Costs are also reduced because of the seller does not need a large building to operate from. This has opened the doors to a wave of online retailers and merchants.

Join us at the next Mobile Monday on the 30th of July 2012 as we invite some of the major players in the Nigerian E-Commerce scene to speak about the past, present and future of E-Commerce in Nigeria.

We will be having Femi Adebiyi CEO of Taafoo.com ( http://www.taafoo.com ) and representatives from Eyowo ( http://www.eyowo.com ) coming to speak.

Make sure you do not miss out on this opportunity to get insights into the benefits of ecommerce and also discover the pitfalls that can spell disaster for an online storefront.

We’ll be expecting you. See you on Monday! Click Here to register

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  1. Ayoade

    Why eyowo? Why not bigger players like http://www.interswitchng.com or http://www.voguepay.com or http://www.fastecash.com? These ones dwarf eyowo’s global and local ranking. Moreover, eyowo is way too small in terms of merchant base and websites linking into them.
    You can take a local survey or check online statistics from reputable sites like Alexa.com before choosing who you bring.

    We believe in you and we deserve only the best and the biggest.
    Anyways, well done.

    1. bobolaakinola

      Well those big players could not be reached, so we went with the people who answered our mails.

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