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Review of the Nigerian National ICT Policy [Event]

Policies have always been a key part of decision making. Without them, there would be no way of regulating resources in Countries. It is an essential part of nation building and it helps to shape industries in countries. The Nigerian National Nigeria ICT Policy document gives details on the various policies that will help shape the IT Industry in Nigeria. It also aims to create policies that will promote an enabling environment for investment in the IT industry.

Join us on the 17th of December 2012 as we discuss the ICT Policy Document that is being drafted by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. This event will give you a chance to understand the various policies that are being proposed for the IT sector, Telecoms Sector and so on. It also details how a harmonized policy could help improve these sectors in the years to come.

We will be having Gbenga Sesan discussing the document and what it means to the industry. He will be detailing the issues that come up in the document and also the parts of the document that are not favorable to the private companies that are in the IT sector. Other people who will be directly impacted by the policy will also be speaking at the event.

Registration is available at  Review of the Nigerian National ICT Policy .

We endeavor that you make it to the event and we also thank you for staying with us and supporting us through the year. Thank you for your support. We’re sure you will learn a lot and knowledge of these policies will help your businesses. See you at the event.

The Mobile Monday Nigeria Team

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