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Recap of the March 2013 MoMoNigeria Event – Unraveling Mobile Monday (Nigeria)

The event began with our patron, Tomi Davies telling the audience about the new direction we are taking here at Mobile Monday Nigeria. He also spoke about the Mobile Monday Academy

The Mobile Monday Academy

The Mobile Monday Academy is an upcoming project which will focus on the development of Mobile Software Developers in Nigeria. There will be training programs from Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google etc which will help increase the number of skilled mobile developers in Nigeria hence increasing our productivity in the Mobile Sector. The First recipients of the first batch of this training will be the first 100 Developers to sign up as members of Mobile Monday Nigeria.


Membership Tiers for Mobile Monday were announced at the event and they are as follows

Student Member: This membership tier is for students and costs 1500 Naira or $10. Benefits include:

  • Free entry into any Mobile Monday Nigeria quarterly event
  • Holiday internship opportunities with our partners
  • Chances to participate in competitions that we organise
  • Networking with top industry professionals

Individual Member: This membership tier is for working professionals and entrepreneurs and costs 3000 Naira or $20. Benefits include:

  • Job Opportunities from our partners.
  • Development tools from our partners.
  • Getting introductions to our partners

Corporate Member: This membership tier is for corporate organizations and costs $200 for up to 5 employees and $1000 for more than 5 employees. Benefits include:

  • Mentions on our twitter and facebook pages.
  • Limited Sponsor spaces on our new online community.
  • Posting of jobs on our online community.

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