“She will innovate” Competition: $10,000 of Funding

In recent times, gender inequalities have been a concern to world leaders. It becomes more pronounced in cases where men are predominantly favoured over women. Numerous policies in different countries have been (and are being) formulated to address this bane.

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Developing SMS Applications In Nigeria

Building SMS Applications in Nigeria, MomoNigeria, Mobile MondayWith the telecommunications industry in Nigeria and other developing countries growing in terms of subscriber base, new opportunities are given to developers to tap into a larger market. It is also interesting to note that SMS Technology plays a significant role in the society.
It is being used in various applications such as Mobile Marketing, TV shows, game shows, service delivery and even content delivery .
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Roundup of Our May 2012 Meetup

Hope you all had fun at our May meet up. We also had a great time. We had Seyi Taylor of Bloovue talk to us and give us real life insights into Business Models for Internet and Mobile Businesses.

Here are some of the insights that he gave