October Meet-Up: Get Techie 1.0

Are you the mobile / internet enthusiast out there who believes / plays in the industry but doesn’t fully understand the language? You are a potential investor and you know there are prospects in this industry but you just dont understand most of the basics.

You are probably student who has many questions on how to become a mobile/internet enterpreneur? Or you are a professional who is looking at a career change or business in our industry but you have been finding it difficult to understand the basics on the internet and mobile business.

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Pitch Monday Round-up

Whenever I have opportunity of speaking with Startup founders, the first thing on the agenda is always the issue of  funding. Many people believe that the main reason why we don’t see many thriving businesses in Nigeria is lack of funding. While this may be true, there are many other reasons. One other reason I have noticed among Nigeria Startups is lack of enough information about their industry. Most people assume that things will take shape as long as they have access to the funding they need. But things are becoming clearer now.

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