Location Based Services and Its Benefits to Nigerian Businesses

Location Based Services are starting to prove to be an essential part of our daily lives. From Turn-by-turn navigation services like Google Maps to crowd sourced Traffic applications like Waze (recently acquired by Google for 1.3bn dollars), Location based services have always helped people to get from one location to another giving them services such as Route Suggestion and Traffic Information to help them get to their destinations on time. Locally focused Traffic Monitoring Apps like traffix are coming up to provide crowdsourced traffic data in Nigeria.

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Mobile Monday Nigeria Hackathon with VConnect

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A final list of Participants will be selected and will get confirmation emails before the event.

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Entertainment Now!: To help users discover great locally available movies based on their existing location and friend recommendations.

To engage a community of Developers and Facilitate the creation of a ‘Movies WAP Application’ utilizing VConnect’s data for movie timings and cinema halls in which it is playing and leveraging other freely available ‘social’ and ‘local’ APIs to make the application more interactive.

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Qualcomm To Host Developers At April Edition Of Mobile Monday Nigeria

Qualcomm To Host Developers At April Edition Of Mobile Monday Nigeria

This event is geared towards Mobile Software Developers who develop for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry who are interested in Developing Applications with Qualcomm APIs.

Only the first 100 Developers to register will be selected. And successful attendees will be notified a week to the date.

About This Event

The April 2013 Mobile Monday Nigeria Event showcasing Qualcomm Technology. Qualcomm is prepared to train software developers in Nigeria on various software API’s which enable rich mobile app experiences. Here are some of the APIs that Qualcomm has to offer:

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Overcoming the Challenges of doing E-commerce Business in Nigeria

In Nigeria, E-commerce is a relatively new market that is gradually catching up. This growth is spurred by the wide availability of Payment cards offered by various providers (Interswitch, Visa, Mastercard and E-Tranzact) but even with this, people still don’t trust e-commerce completely because of the policies that online shops have when it comes to returns and shipping.

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Review of the Nigerian National ICT Policy [Event]

Policies have always been a key part of decision making. Without them, there would be no way of regulating resources in Countries. It is an essential part of nation building and it helps to shape industries in countries. The Nigerian National Nigeria ICT Policy document gives details on the various policies that will help shape the IT Industry in Nigeria. It also aims to create policies that will promote an enabling environment for investment in the IT industry.

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The Future Of Mobile Payment In Nigeria – November 2012 #momonigeria Event

The Future of Mobile Payment in Nigeria – November 2012 #momonigeria event

Electronic payment mechanisms have improved in the last few years due to improvements in the technology that is involved. With the emergence of payment gateways like Interswitch and E-tranzact, payments via ATM cards have increased (Interswitch claims that there are now 26 Million e-payment cards out there) and this has in turn boosted sales on various e-commerce websites and at various brick-and-mortar stores that use POS (Point of Sales) machines to collect e-payments.

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