MoMo membership comes in different tiers as stated below. As a member, you get access to some exclusive deals and offerings.

  1. Associate: This membership tier requires a valid student ID card. It costs 1500 Naira annually. The benefits are Holiday Job Opportunities, Learning Resources, Networking with Industry Professionals, Training opportunities and access to the online community.
  2. Professional:  This membership tier is aimed at working professionals and small business owners. It costs 3000 Naira annually. The benefits are Job opportunities from our partners, training opportunities, networking with possible collaborators, and access to the online community.
  3. Corporate: You can send an email to to get Mobile Monday Membership for your company staff.

Steps to Becoming a member of Mobile Monday Nigeria.

Identified the tier of membership that suits you? Then pay the required dues into the Bank Account details below

  • Account Name: MoMo Academy Limited
  • Account Number: 0129130768
  • Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC, Ikeja Branch

Once you have paid the corresponding membership fee, fill in the form >> here << with necessary information and your profile will be upgraded to the right tier.

Congratulations! You are now a member of Mobile Monday Nigeria!


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