VConnect App Challenge

Objective of  the Challenge

To build an Android App for VConnect

Scope of the Challenge

VConnect is a local search engine and has a large database of businesses across Nigeria. VConnect wants to open up certain chunks of its database and engage with the developer community to develop an android app for its users. The end product of this Hackathon is expected to be a fully functional Android App developed specifically for the event. The app should leverage business data from VConnect database to improve user’s experience of finding/discovering businesses, interacting with businesses and sharing Business information on social media and within users own network. In general, the app should focus on minimizing the number of clicks between user and a business It is desirable that the android application has the following functionality.

  • Search for or discover businesses
  • Interact with businesses
  • Communicate directly with business owner
  • Share business information

While the above list is indicative, introduction of any additional features or functionality is purely up to the developer’s creativity.

App Compatibility

Android Version: The mobile app should support Android OS versions 4.2 and above

Screen Density: The mobile app should use Medium DPI (MDPI) as baseline for UI design. Alternative resources should be provided to ensure compatibility with HDPI and XHDPI devices

Team Size

Considering the scope of the project the ideal team size can be three or four. The maximum team size allowed is four. There is no restriction on minimum team size. However, considering that the evaluation will be based on completeness of the application, a one member team or a two member team can be at a slight disadvantage

Evaluation Criteria and Panel of Judges

The mobile app will be evaluated by a team of experts in the industry. The panel of judges will judge the app on the following four parameters

  • User Experience – Does the user get what he wants? How easily can the user get what he wants? How intuitive is the process?
  • Code – Is the code optimized? How best it matches up to the industry standards?
  • User Interface – Clarity, Innovation and aesthetic appeal
  • Business – Can the app be used to communicate value to Business Owners, Does the app effectively capture value and transfer it to businesses?

The panel will consist of five judges and all the above four parameters will have equal importance. All judges will rate the app on all the parameters but a significantly higher weight will be assigned to Judge’s rating in his or her area of expertise.

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