Why MoMo Nigeria?

Below are some of the reasons why Nigeria needs MoMo at this stage:
  • Nigeria’s Telecoms market has developed but it is in latent state. We need to unleash its potential for a services driven market.
  • Nigerians in the IT/Telecoms sector needs to be more aware of what their next door neighbor is doing more than what is happening in Silicon Valley.
  • Developers needs to meet investors and vise-versa
  • Start-ups needs to meet investors, developers and potential customers
  • Trainers needs to meet students and vise-versa
  • Developers needs to be more aware of global and LOCAL trends and the opportunities there in.
  • Students would be motivated to develop local apps when they have a channel to know about local success stories
  • Nigerian developers needs to be aware of what is now possible with all platforms and events. e.g LBS Challenge, Calling All Innovators, OVI Apps, OVI API’s/SDKs, MeeGo and Symbian platforms.

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