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Developing SMS Applications In Nigeria

Building SMS Applications in Nigeria, MomoNigeria, Mobile MondayWith the telecommunications industry in Nigeria and other developing countries growing in terms of subscriber base, new opportunities are given to developers to tap into a larger market. It is also interesting to note that SMS Technology plays a significant role in the society.
It is being used in various applications such as Mobile Marketing, TV shows, game shows, service delivery and even content delivery .

This is because SMS dominates internet usage in the developing countries where most of the world lives including Nigeria.

In Africa and other parts of the world, SMS has been used to create even more mission critical applications such as a flood warning system in Malaysia, Certificate application status checking in India (effectively pushing out middlemen), Agricultural/health information in Nigeria, Indonesia, India & China using Nokia Life service, and Mobile Money in several developing countries.

Join us at the next Mobile Monday where Toyin Daniel, CTO of MTech and Ayo Odusanya, Technology Lead Cellcast will be in the house sharing their experience on what is possible and how everyone can take advantage of this great opportunity.

Attend this event and learn what it takes to develop applications using the SMS (Short Messaging Service) Platform.

This is not an event you should miss out on.

What are you waiting for? Visit the event page to register. See you on Monday!

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