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Mobile Monday Nigeria August 2012 Event: Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross Platform Mobile App Development | Mobile Monday NigeriaDeveloping your mobile applications for every platform can be a tedious task due to the fragmentation within a platform (like the fragmentation in android) and the incompatibility between different platforms (iOS, Blackberry, Android)

We all know how bothersome multi-platform mobile app formatting can get. Each Platform is unique and exhibits different features, capabilities and behaviors. But you as a developer need to find solutions to develop cross platform apps instead of emptying up all your resources on developing for just one platform at a time.

There are several tools available for cross platform app development: Phonegap, RhoMobile, Mosync IDE and so on. These tools make use of a “code once”, “deploy to many platform” approach. Some of them also make use of the cloud to store application data.

Join us on the 27th of August, 2012 as we discuss the various tools used for cross platform mobile application development and the various problem that can occur when using these tools.. It promises to be a great event.

We’ll be having two people coming to speak, Zubair Abubakar, developer of the Nigerian Constitution app and Victor Aluko who has worked on several large software development projects. They both have immense experience with developing cross platform mobile applications.

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We’ll be expecting you. See you on Monday!!

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