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The Technology Outlook for Nigeria in 2013: Opportunities, Challenges and Perspectives [Event]

Image copyright (Bill Frymire)Technology over the years has vastly improved the lives of people globally. In  Nigeria, Technology has improved various sectors of the economy and business and has influenced processes in ways that were previously unimaginable.

Even with these changes that it has brought, We have still not reach our full potentials. Faced with Economic uncertainty, political uncertainty and dearth of infrastructure, Nigeria is yet to become a major player on the global scale in the tech scene.

At this month’s Mobile Monday holding in Lagos, we will discuss the Opportunities that exist in the IT space right now, the challenges that companies have been trying to overcome in recent times and the perspectives that will help shape the industry in the near future.

The event will hold at its traditional venue in Ikoyi at Bogobiri House and will feature a Q&A Session with each of the speakers.

Join us on the 28th of January 2013 as we look into the various opportunities that are available in the Information technology field in Nigeria.

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