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Mobile Monday Nigeria Hackathon with VConnect

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A final list of Participants will be selected and will get confirmation emails before the event.

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Entertainment Now!: To help users discover great locally available movies based on their existing location and friend recommendations.

To engage a community of Developers and Facilitate the creation of a ‘Movies WAP Application’ utilizing VConnect’s data for movie timings and cinema halls in which it is playing and leveraging other freely available ‘social’ and ‘local’ APIs to make the application more interactive.

Coding Environment
Developers are expected to use ASP .NET or PHP as the coding platform with SQL as the database platform.

Overview of Task
VConnect will provide database structure with sample data on the day of the hackathon. Developers are free to modify it or use their own database structure.

In addition, Free versions of Google’s Maps API or any other Maps API can be used to make the application more interactive.

Social Elements for sharing (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) can be added in order to make the site social.

Reviews, Ratings and Trailers can be pulled using API’s of websites such as IMDB ( ), Rotten Tomatoes ( ) and Youtube ( ). Features like commenting can be integrated to increase user interaction.

Team Size
The Team size is four. You are expected to form teams at the venue or come with your own team.

First Prize: $2,000 30 Day Development Contract to complete the app
Second Prize: $1000
Third Prize: $500

You will be required to fill in an Intellectual Property Transfer Form before you can participate in the hackathon.

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