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Dev4Dev Cleanweb Hackathon 2013: Call for Technological Needs-Statements


Here’s a mesage from our friends at IsraelDev, CleanWeb Initiative and Terralab Ventures

On the 14-15 November 2013 we will be hosting the Dev4Dev CleanWeb Hackathon in Tel Aviv, Israel, an event that will focus on Developing Apps for the Developing World. The aim of the Dev4Dev CleanWeb Hackathon is to connect Israel’s leading entrepreneurial and technological community with the needs of the developing world.

We hope to harness the talent of the next generation of programmers and developers for addressing the most pressing needs of the developing world by raising awareness and forming partnerships with local stakeholders in these countries. For more information please visit .

It is in this vein that we are reaching out to your organization, with a request for technological needs-statements that you believe could be addressed by applications developed at the Hackathon.

We invite your organization to e-mail with identified technological needs. Each need-statements will be evaluated and accepted on a rolling-basis so please submit statements before October 10 2013. Should your request be approved by our advisory team we would be happy to work with you to refine the proposal in the run up to the Hackathon.

Format for Needs-Statements:

  • The Need: What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Any technical, sociological or contextual considerations
  • Information about your organisation/the body who would implement the solution

The application need not be longer than 1-page and can be e-mailed or submitted online.

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