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Recap of the March 2013 MoMoNigeria Event – Unraveling Mobile Monday (Nigeria)

The event began with our patron, Tomi Davies telling the audience about the new direction we are taking here at Mobile Monday Nigeria. He also spoke about the Mobile Monday Academy

The Mobile Monday Academy

The Mobile Monday Academy is an upcoming project which will focus on the development of Mobile Software Developers in Nigeria. There will be training programs from Qualcomm, Microsoft, Google etc which will help increase the number of skilled mobile developers in Nigeria hence increasing our productivity in the Mobile Sector. The First recipients of the first batch of this training will be the first 100 Developers to sign up as members of Mobile Monday Nigeria.


Membership Tiers for Mobile Monday were announced at the event and they are as follows

Student Member: This membership tier is for students and costs 1500 Naira or $10. Benefits include:

  • Free entry into any Mobile Monday Nigeria quarterly event
  • Holiday internship opportunities with our partners
  • Chances to participate in competitions that we organise
  • Networking with top industry professionals

Individual Member: This membership tier is for working professionals and entrepreneurs and costs 3000 Naira or $20. Benefits include:

  • Job Opportunities from our partners.
  • Development tools from our partners.
  • Getting introductions to our partners

Corporate Member: This membership tier is for corporate organizations and costs $200 for up to 5 employees and $1000 for more than 5 employees. Benefits include:

  • Mentions on our twitter and facebook pages.
  • Limited Sponsor spaces on our new online community.
  • Posting of jobs on our online community.

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Event Reports

February 2013 Mobile Monday Nigeria Event Recap

It was yet another #MoMoNigeria event this month on the 25th, and it was a great time. The topic of discussion was the means by which new e-commerce businesses could overcome the problems that are faced by all the players in the ecommerce space.

The problems are the issues that either break the business models of these companies or helps them learn their lessons and move on to become stronger Businesses in the future in the future.

Event Reports

Insights from the #MoMoNigeria January 2013 Event

On the 28th of January, Industry professionals gathered for Mobile Monday Nigeria to hear about the Technology Outlook for Nigeria in 2013. The audience listened to five speakers and engaged in a Q&A session after each speaker came up.

Lanre Folarin and Mayowa Owolabi of Mobile Monday were there to give the opening remarks and to moderate the event.

Event Reports

Review of the Nigerian ICT Policy [Event Recap]

The event started with Akinbobola Akinola (@bobolaakinola) giving an overview of what the day’s event was about and kick off fully with Gbenga Sesan laying the groundwork for the discussion.

The Silicon Valley myth
Gbenga began his presentation by first clearing up the myth that people had concerning Silicon Valley which was that “The US Government was not involved in the development of Silicon Valley”. He stated that without the policy guidelines that the US Government, the Silicon Valley Ecosystem would not have existed and thrived the way it has.

Event Reports

Roundup of our October 2012 Event with Rancard Mobility

In October, we had Rancard Mobility as our sponsors. Mobile Monday Nigeria event started off with Mayowa Owolabi introducing the speakers to the audience. He also gave a very brief overview of Mobile Monday and then brought up the speaker from Rancard Mobility.

Event Reports

Recap of MoMoNigeria September 2012 Event

The Mobile Monday Event is an initiative of Mobile Monday ( that is organized in over 100 countries around the world. The event aims to bring together developers, visionaries and observers in the Mobile Technology (not limited only to Mobile Phones) sector.

Mobile Monday Nigeria aims to do the same in Nigeria through the monthly meetups organized every last Monday of every month at a venue that is communicated via Email and social media channels  (MoMo Nigeria on Facebook, MoMo Nigeria on Twitter). 

The September edition of the #momonigeria event started with Adeyemi Fowe (Nokia and Mobile Monday Nigeria) giving an overview of Mobile Monday. He explained what the vision of Mobile Monday is and the role it plays in the technology ecosystem in Nigeria.

Event Reports

#MoMo August 2012 Meet-up Roundup

Zubair and Bayo of Pledge51 #momonigeria
Zubair and Bayo of Pledge51 speaking at MoMoNigeria August Event

At this month’s Mobile Monday Nigeria Event, we had several speakers that enlightened us about the benefits of using cross platform tools for mobile application development. They also gave some of the problems they encountered when they were developing apps with these tools. Here are some of the highlights of the event

Event Reports

MoMo July 2012 Event Recap

A cross-section of the Audience at the Mobile Monday Nigeria July 2012 EventE-commerce is fast becoming the de-factor standard for setting up business quickly and with minimum physical requirements. More and more E-commerce stores are springing up by the day. At the July edition of Mobile Monday Nigeria’s meet-up, attendees had the opportunity of listening to key influencers in the e-commerce space. The event was great because it exposed the various success factors in E-Commerce and also the drawbacks of running an online store in Nigeria.

Event Reports

Recap of Mobile Monday June 2012 Event

To all that came for the June 2012 Mobile Monday meetup, we would like to thank you.

It was a blast. But for those who missed it, here is a brief summary of what went down. The program started at 6:00 pm because of the traffic in Ikoyi. Toyin Daniel came up and gave a presentation on SMS Applications.

Event Reports

Roundup of Our May 2012 Meetup

Hope you all had fun at our May meet up. We also had a great time. We had Seyi Taylor of Bloovue talk to us and give us real life insights into Business Models for Internet and Mobile Businesses.

Here are some of the insights that he gave