Event Reports

Pitch Monday Round-up

Whenever I have opportunity of speaking with Startup founders, the first thing on the agenda is always the issue of ¬†funding. Many people believe that the main reason why we don’t see many thriving businesses in Nigeria is lack of funding. While this may be true, there are many other reasons. One other reason I have noticed among Nigeria Startups is lack of enough information about their industry. Most people assume that things will take shape as long as they have access to the funding they need. But things are becoming clearer now.

Event Reports

MoMo June round-up

The Mobile Monday June 2011 meet-up was a blast. This event has generated positive buzz in the industry since last night and now many people look forward to the July 2011 meet-up. The event took place on in Lagos on 20 June 2011 at Roberts Café, Lagos.

The focus of the meet-up was “Mobile Applications Platforms” and we had speakers from Nokia and Fasmicro who shed more light on their different platforms, their market penetration and what they have to offer developers.

Mr. Praveen Sheety (from Nokia) talked extensively on the Nokia’s devices and the market penetration in Africa. He also explained the Nokia’s developer platform and how Nigerian developers can take advantage to showcase their works. He cited example of a Nigerian developers who has many apps on the Ovi store. The apps are not only being downloaded in 55 countries, the developer is also making money from his apps. At the end of his presentation, he showed people present how to register as a publisher on the Nokia platform. If you missed the event, do visit Forum Nokia for more details.

The second presentation was made by the team from Fasmicro, the brain behind Ovim tablet. The MD of Fasmicro used the platform to discuss his company’s product and services including mobile apps development on Android platform, training and consulting. He also talked about the Fasmicro Android app store and what it has to offer the Nigerian developers.

Key highlight of the evening was the talk by the legal professionals in the house. The lawyers talked about patent, copyright, trademark and registering your company. The lawyers also talked about why every developer needs to operate a business entity and also why protection of their intellectual property is very important. It is not enough to have a good idea and execute it, developers now need to understand how to turn their software into a thriving business.

If you missed this event, July meet-up is definitely something that you don’t want to miss. We will be having investors in the house and start-ups will be given opportunity to pitch their idea for investment. Watch this space for more information.

NB: This post originally appeared at Otekbits. Thanks to the @otekbits team for allowing us to use this on the Mobile Monday Nigeria website.