NIBSS to host Developers, Merchants and other Payment Industry Players at the NIBSS Developer Hangout

The ‘’Developers’ Hangout’’ is a one day Developers Forum aimed at promoting collaboration and innovation to accelerate the growth of the Nigerian Financial Space. In addition, it is also aimed at showcasing the opportunities available to Developers by integrating their apps into NIBSS Payments Platform.

As more money goes digital, there is a race to control the flow across billions of online channels such as web, point-of-sale locations and smartphones etc. NIBSS believes that collaborative effort between Application Developers, Payment Service Providers and Merchants is a key driver in determining the thrust this flow will go in Nigeria, thus, the Developers’ Hangout. They also believe that eCommerce and ePayment is the next new wave taking over from agriculture and oil.

The Hangout will hold in Lagos, Nigeria on the 18th of September 2015 and Participants will be required to register on the NIBSS website ( Registration opened on Saturday 1st August, 2015 and closes on Monday 31st August 2015. Due to the limitation of space and the sensitivity of the information that will be shared at the event each participant will have to be verified using their BVN. Access codes and further details of the event will be sent to only verified participants.

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