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Nokia launches its Open Innovation Challenge for 2015 focusing on the IoT ecosystem

The Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015 is a call for innovative ideas, technologies, or business models, and an opportunity to collaborate with Nokia to advance innovations within the IoT domain. Through this challenge, ideas will be assessed and the winners get a chance to leverage Nokia’s global market reach and connectivity expertise. Others may be selected by Nokia Growth Partners (NGP), Nokia’s investment arm and co-sponsor of the challenge, which is actively investing in promising IoT companies.

Hossein Moiin, Executive Vice President and CTO for Nokia Networks, said: “Building networks for the programmable world requires a P-O-P approach; turning networks into Platforms, Orchestrating the ecosystem, and creating the required Partnerships. Today, the pace of innovation matters more and more in our daily lives and, at Nokia, we are showing our openness to incorporating innovations from all around us by launching our third annual Open Innovation Challenge. Our objective is to reach out to the brightest innovators and experts in the IoT domain so that we, together, can help build a future that will benefit us all. I am personally committed to champion the best innovations towards global market success together with Nokia.”

Submissions started on the 3rd of August 2015, and end on the 20th of September 2015. Startup companies – whether large or small – as well as teams, individuals, businesses and academia are invited to join the challenge and submit their working prototype.

Click here to learn more and to submit your application.


NIBSS to host Developers, Merchants and other Payment Industry Players at the NIBSS Developer Hangout

The ‘’Developers’ Hangout’’ is a one day Developers Forum aimed at promoting collaboration and innovation to accelerate the growth of the Nigerian Financial Space. In addition, it is also aimed at showcasing the opportunities available to Developers by integrating their apps into NIBSS Payments Platform.

As more money goes digital, there is a race to control the flow across billions of online channels such as web, point-of-sale locations and smartphones etc. NIBSS believes that collaborative effort between Application Developers, Payment Service Providers and Merchants is a key driver in determining the thrust this flow will go in Nigeria, thus, the Developers’ Hangout. They also believe that eCommerce and ePayment is the next new wave taking over from agriculture and oil.

The Hangout will hold in Lagos, Nigeria on the 18th of September 2015 and Participants will be required to register on the NIBSS website ( Registration opened on Saturday 1st August, 2015 and closes on Monday 31st August 2015. Due to the limitation of space and the sensitivity of the information that will be shared at the event each participant will have to be verified using their BVN. Access codes and further details of the event will be sent to only verified participants.

Register today


Iroko is hiring Developers in 20+ Roles, Offering 1 Million Naira Prize to Highest Interview Test Scores for Each Month

Iroko is looking to build a large Product, Design and Engineering (PDE) team in Lagos. Over the next few months, the company will be searching for and interviewing for the best people to bring into this team.

Also, there will be a cash prize of 1 Million Naira for those who get the best test scores in the Engineering Test every month. Apply today on the Iroko Website.

Engineering Roles
Senior Developer-Integrations / API/CMS
Frontend Developer
Senior Mobile Developer ( iOS)
Senior Mobile Developer (Android)
Technical Project Manager
Q/A Manager
Q/A tester
Mobile Developer (Android)
Mobile Developer (Android)
Mobile Developer (iOS)
Mobile Developer (iOS)
Developer – Data Intelligence /Analytics
Dev Ops
Junior Back end developer
Junior Front end developer
Q/A tester

Product Roles
Product Manager – Telco
Product Manager – Growth

Design Roles
UI Designer
UX Designer


Airtel partners with Mobile Monday Nigeria, others to launch “Catapult-a-Startup” initiative

Airtel, Mobile Monday Nigeria and others partner to launch “Catapult-a-Startup”

Lagos, Nigeria; December 8, 2015

MobileMonday Nigeria has partnered with Airtel Nigeria in launching an initiative tagged ‘Catapult-a-Startup’ which aims to inspire innovation and assist mobile app developers (who are aspiring to be startup founders) towards actualizing their business goals and dreams.

Developers Partner Updates

Developers, complete the Developer Economics survey from VisionMobile today and stand the chance of winning Prizes


Developer Economics is VisionMobile’s leading research program, tracking global trends on the app economy and mobile developers. The program is based on the largest, most global developer surveys, run by VisionMobile every six months. The surveys track the most important metrics for mobile developers, including platform mindshare, app categories and tools, revenues and revenue models – and many more.

VisionMobile has just launched their latest Developer Economics survey and is tracking developer trends across platforms and dev tools – as well as investigating the emerging IoT market. VisionMobile is the leading research company in the app economy and developer trends. Their research and workshops help clients compete and win in their rapidly changing industries.

There are some great devices up for grabs for developers who complete the survey – the winners will be determined in a draw, which VisionMobile will hold after the survey is closed (within December 2014)

  • One iPhone 6
  • One Google Nexus 5
  • One Lumia 930

Take the 10-minute survey and talk mobile & IoT trends – and win some great prizes while you’re at it! The results of this survey will become available as a research report in February – and will be available as a FREE download. To check out the latest report published, and get an idea to what you’re contributing to, visit
Take the 10-minute survey



Developers MoMo Events

Evernote Meets Lagos

On the 1st of July 2014, Evernote and African Technology Foundation (ATF), based in Silicon Valley, will be engaging the diverse developer ecosystem in Lagos, as part of Evernote’s first trip to Africa – at the iDEA Hub, Yaba. Through ATF, this is part of a 3-city tour looking to meet the African developer community, including developers in Nairobi and Cape Town. Come out and meet the great guys from Evernote!
Evernote Developer Pitch
The Event will include the following:
  • A Special Product Pitch Session for selected Startups. 
    Evernote holds an annual award conference for the best use of its API in various categories and would like to invite one African startup to participate.
    PRIZE: Win a 10-day all expenses paid trip to Silicon Valley for the 2014 conference and to engage with other companies, through African Technology Foundation. Winning Startup also receives a year’s mentorship from ATF.
  • A Developer Workshop on using Evernote’s popular APIs
    An API workshop will be held by the Evernote Developer Team, for developers looking to learn more about Evernote’s rich product suite and their APIs
  • A Networking and Drinks meetup
    Come and meet with the Evernote and ATF and the Lagos ecosystem at the Co-Creation Hub, 4pm – 6pm

For more information, contact Oluseye ( oluseyesj (at) gmail (dot) com )



You are invited to the DevCon Alpha Developer Contest Grand Finale Event – 26th May

devcon alpha

Event Details

The DevCon Alpha Developer Contest is an initiative of Mobile Monday Nigeria and is proudly sponsored by Verve International, Microsoft and Nokia as part of their commitment to helping Developers monetise their apps.

The contest is aimed at spurring developers to integrate the Verve Payment SDK into their Windows Phone and WIndows 8 Applications in order to accept payments and offer in-app purchases.

At the DevCon Alpha Developer Contest, Participants stand the chance of winning $300,000 in Advertising and Prize Money. This allows the winner to get more downloads and reach a wider audience while focusing on making the application better through updates (new features and bug fixes).

Come join us on the 26th of May, 2014 as 10 Shortlisted Finalist Apps do battle for the Grand Prize of $300,000 in Marketing Spend and Cash Prizes.

Venue: VCP Hotel, 292B Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos

Date: 26th May, 2014

Register for this event using our Eventbrite Page:


Developers Event Reports

Nokia X Portathon Event Recap – 27th and 28th March 2014 – #Port2NokiaX

Android Developers gathered together at the Nokia X Portathon to get hands-on training on how to port their Android Apps to the Nokia X Platform. It was a two day event held at iDEA Hub on the 27th of March 2014 and at ccHub on the 28th of March 2014. This event was sponsored by Nokia.


Nokia X: Check Your Android App Compatibility Today

Nokia will be holding an event to train Developers on how to port their existing Android apps to Nokia X. This event is in partnership with IDEA Hub ( , Mobile Monday Nigeria and Co-Creation Hub ( ).   Register for the Nokia X Portathon holding on the 27th and 28th of March (IDEA Hub on the 27th and ccHub on the 28th) on the Event Registration Page

The Nokia X family provides users access to the world of Android applications, with exclusive Nokia experiences and the most popular Microsoft services. The Fastlane UI makes the experience faster and smoother, while the Nokia X smartphones are wrapped in standout Nokia design.

You can find 5 reasons to port your app to Nokia X here

75% of Android apps will run on Nokia X software platform without any modifications.

Nokia X Analyser

To make the process of porting easier, Nokia has provided a help tool / service that helps you to analyse your Application APK file. This service verifies your app for common compatibility issues. It also recommends the modifications needed before you publish your app to Nokia Store.

Common compatibility issues are usage of:

  • Google play services (Google Maps, Google cloud messaging and Google in-app billing)
  • Amazon services (Amazon Maps, Amazon In-App Purchasing, Amazon Device Messaging)
  • Live wallpaper APIs etc..

To get started and analyse your app, visit the Nokia X Analyser Page

Developers MoMo Events

5 Reasons to Publish to Nokia X

If you have been following the news for some weeks now, you would have heard of the arrival of the Nokia X new range of devices. Nokia X is a new, affordable family of smartphones designed to run Android apps using Nokia X service extensions. If you are an Android developer and have published apps, there is now a great opportunity for you to optimize your ROI on Nokia X with minimal resources and little incremental effort to quickly expand your app reach while using your existing Android code base.

The good news is that the majority of Android apps will just work with little modifications. Based on the information available on Nokia’s developer website, you can use your existing Android development environment to add the Nokia X service extensions – Map APIs, In-app Purchases and Notifications. For those few that require modifications, the Nokia X Analyser Tool significantly reduces porting time by identifying the required changes.

So, still wondering why you should port your Android apps to the Nokia X store? Here are 5 reasons from our friends at Nokia…

1. Nokia X opens new markets to your existing apps.

Nokia’s sales leadership and brand strength in the fastest-growing smartphone and mobile app markets provide the launch pad for your apps’ success. With Nokia X, you can reach an untapped pool of savvy — and app-hungry — new smartphone users around the world.

Learn more ›

2. Nokia X’s monetization tools create additional revenue streams for your apps

Monetization tools like Nokia In-App Payment, combined with Nokia’s extensive operator billing network, provide your existing apps with new monetization mechanisms in emerging markets. Consumers in many high-growth markets do not have international credit cards, making traditional revenue collection a challenge.

Learn more ›

3. Android app compatibility

Nokia has tested over 100,000 Android apps and approximately 75% are directly compatible and ready to be published to Nokia Store. If your app uses Google services for maps, push notifications or in-app payments, you will need to replace these APIs with Nokia-specific APIs, which have been built to work almost identically to those they replace. Nokia services have been designed to minimize porting effort for apps using corresponding Google services, and to allow developers develop and distribute a single APK targeting both ecosystems.

Test your app’s compatibility now ›

4. Develop apps for Nokia X using your existing Android SDK, toolkit and skillset

If you already develop Android apps, you can continue to use your existing tool chain. If your app is one of the 25% that requires change, Nokia provides a plugin package for the Android SDK, including the services APIs and the Nokia X emulator. You’ve already got the other tools and skills you need.

Get started ›

5. Nokia Developer programs provide the marketing promotion you need

Through programs like DVLUP and local outreach, Nokia offers you opportunities to promote your apps to new users and potential customers, while our online training, events, and support tools make sure you’re putting your best app forward.

Learn more ›

There will be portathons on 27 & 28 March in Lagos Nigeria at iDea Hub and CcHub. So, if you live in Lagos (or around Lagos) and have a published Android app, click here to register. You also stand a chance to win some fabulous prizes for your published app. What are you waiting for? Register now and take part in the portathon!